'The Merry Ones'

The Merry Ones demonstrates an inseparable relationship between human and the horses on the carousel. What is the joy of riding a carousel? It reminds us that our life is going around in circles. The carousel horses are bounded to stay in a confined space, while we think that we are better than them – having the freedom to do anything we want. We are just the horses being placed in a carousel of the world. Are we the merry ones?

Directed by:
Aurora Rachel Wong

Script written by:
Cyrus Aegean Lamprecht

Art direction by:
Aurora Rachel Wong

Styling by:
Rachel Wong

Makeup designed by: 
Chrissie Mctaggart

Makeup and hair by:
Chrissie Mctaggart, 
Grace Meyer, 
Dylan Lemonsky & 
Abi Harcourt-Smith


Set Design by:
Aurora Rachel Wong &
Lydia Chan

Video Production by: 
Aurora Rachel Wong

Modeled by:
Emma Edwards
Iza Bilinska
Lawrence FA Harrison
Rosie Gearty
Liu Andong

Voice-over by:
Saskia Rowlands
Shinnie Park

James Walsh
Jerry Wu
Charlie McCosker
Rahel Baek
Julia Labis
Oscar Ouyang

'Come Out And Play' by Desperate Measurez